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Our services include digital strategy, brand development, marketing, social media, copy writing, design and website development.

Personal Websites

Are you looking to build your personal brand, extend your network, or find your next role or Board position, but don’t know where to start?

Exe Digital has developed an easy-to-follow process that helps you find the essence of your personal brand and helps to bring your professional story to life in an authentic and accessible way.

Business Websites

Are you looking to launch a new business or do you need to update your current online presence? 

If that’s the case then you need a business website that enables you to build your business and tells your story in a compelling way. Our team will guide you through the process and design a strategy tailored to your business.

“Exe Digital has helped me focus on my personal branding and made my website more than a vanity project but rather an essential business tool.”

The philosophy of Exe Digital is to take people on the journey and this is true in our team too. The team is a mixture of experienced digital practitioners and graduates working together to provide you with the best solutions for you and your business.