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We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to deliver you a great result and help you stand out from the crowd.

Judy Pridmore Consulting

Judy’s objective was to showcase her new digital consulting business to clients. The brief was to develop a simple, cost-effective, mobile responsive website, that would house her blog and reference articles.

Exe Digital

We wanted to create a home for Exe Digital that clearly and simply communicated the essence of our brand, our services and our philosophy. 

Platinum FM

Platinum FM’s wanted to develop an eye-catching, modern online presence for the launch of their new Facilities Management business. We worked with closely with them to develop their digital strategy, website and newsletter.

Fit To Go

An already established Personal Training and Fitness Centre, the website design required a complete overhaul. The brief was to create an interactive and mobile friendly site, which could be used by both current and potential clients to refer to for class timetables, current events and provide more information about the fitness centre.

Brand Development & Collateral

Judy Pridmore

It was important to Judy that we created a professional, modern brand that was easily recognisable and stood out to businesses looking to engage a digital consultant. To support her go to market strategy we developed her social media and marketing collateral.

Sarah Franklyn

Sarah’s brief was to create a brand that demonstrated her broad focus of connections. Connections between business and customers, business and channels and ideas. The colour scheme needed to be serious but with a lighter edge reflecting her personal brand. The outcome was fresh, bold and clean.

Beatrice Crocker

Beatrice was looking to create a distinctive, eye catching personal brand, going for a feminine power / glamorous colour scheme of red and gold. Wow what a fabulous job Luisa did, even if we say so too.

“Over recent months, we’ve completed many activities to get Platinum Facilities Management (FM) up and running but none more important than our digital strategy. I’d like to thank Judy and the team for the magic that they weaved in such a short time, a great job well done.” – Steve Taylor, Platinum FM

Our Services

Personal Websites

Are you looking to build your personal brand to increase networking opportunities or find your next role, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps your employer dominates your social media profile or you are looking to present a more rounded story of your skills as you seek a position on a committee or board.

Exe Digital has developed a process that helps you find the essence of your personal brand.  This is key to making your website more than a vanity project, but rather an essential business tool .

The next stage is when our designers take over to turn this essence into visual elements including your logo, colour palettes and images.  Our marketing team develop the copy in conjunction with you to bring your professional story to life in an authentic and accessible way.

The final stage is to bring it together in a website to help you achieve your career and personal goals.

Business Websites

Is your business about to launch or do you need to improve your online presence? Are you a freelancer that works across a number of projects and need one place to direct people to learn about you?

If that’s the case then you need a business branded website, a site that allows you to build your business with the right presentation, copy that tells your story in a compelling way and gets your prospects to make that call to do business with you.

Our team guide you through the process to understand your objectives and then design a strategy that is appropriate for your business. We then bring it to life with design and copy writing in a website that delivers on your core purpose.